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About PTAC of Delaware

Congress created the Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) in 1985 to help businesses seeking to compete successfully in federal, state, and local government contracting. Funded through cooperative agreements between the Department of Defense and state and local entities, PTACs provide a range of expert services at little or no charge. Established in 1999, Delaware PTAC is one of 99 programs in the United States, operating in over 300 locations.

The PTAC of Delaware is a unit of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnership (OEIP) at the University of Delaware.


OEIP was established in 2008 to (1) more effectively market knowledge-based assets, (2) stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the university – students, faculty, and partnerships, and (3) contribute to social and economic development within the state and region. Today, OEIP is an economic development portal, enabling outside entities to access UD’s knowledge-based assets to support economic development. OEIP acts as a focal point that connects idea generation, intellectual property management and technology transfer, proof of concept and commercialization resources, workforce development, and extensive business advisory services to cultivate early-stage companies and industry partnerships. With part of its focus on discovering innovations, OEIP assists in the development and marketing of intellectual property to commercialize these assets into marketable opportunities and/or new businesses. The University’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO)Delaware Small Business Development Center (DSBDC) and Delaware APEX Accelerators’ are units of OEIP that perform as an integrated ecosystem to meet technology and business needs of the university, the state and region.

Delaware SBDC

The Delaware Small Business and Technology Development Center, its partners and numerous other organizations provide invaluable resources for small businesses. Searching the internet for local service providers, national associations and information can be time consuming for busy entrepreneurs, but DSBTDC can help you navigate these options to connect you with what you need, when you need it. Business success requires extensive planning, preparation and hard work. You will likely have many questions and need a variety of tools and information as you go through the process of operating your own business.  If you have questions, contact the nearest DSBDC office.